Zehavi Oded
Autumn for string trio
Three Songs for voice and piano
Hinach Yafa for voice & piano
Paths for violins, viola, cello and oud
Zorman Moshe
Hora for piano trio
Yemenite Fantasy for piano trio
Zisapel Yehuda
Miniatures for cello, clarinet, violin and flute
Clarinet Quartet
Woodwind Quintet
Trio No. 3 for violin, cello and piano
Miniature for violin
I Dream (vocal ensemble)
And The River Sang (vocal ensemble)
Marimba & Piano Concerto
River Poems (by Leah Goldberg) [vocal ensemble]
”Hazman” / “Hefsed” for voice & piano
Water Surface for voice and piano
The Time for voice & piano
Zur Menachem
Quartet No. 3 (strings)
Zori Hillel
String Trio