Bat Eyal
The Tears Returned Today (vocal ensemble)
Serenade (vocal ensemble)
Boskovich Alexander Uriah
Semitic Suite for piano four hands
Hinach Yafa for voice & piano
My Lord My Shepherd for voice & piano
Blass Noa
Songs for voice and piano
Ben Moshe Boaz
Someone Is Playing (after Israel Eliraz) for flute, bassoon, cello and piano
Un Nino for violin, piano and voice
Between C and D for violin, clarinet, cello, and piano
”Or” for soprano, violin and piano
Songs from a Cycle by James Joyce for soprano, mezzo-soprano and piano
Bin Nun Yossi
Even I knew Love (vocal ensemble)
Children Songs (vocal ensemble)
Old Sad Melody (Vocal Ensemble)
Ha’Et Shel Bentzi (vocal ensemble)
Midnight Coffee Quintet (string quartet and flute)
Ben-Haim Paul
String Trio
Quartet No. 1, Op. 21 (strings)
String Quintet in E Minor
Chamber Music for flute, viola and harp
Elohai Tsidki (vocal ensemble)
Three Études for violin
Violin Concerto
Three Songs Without Words for violin & piano
Evocation (Yizkor) for violin and piano
Spanish Lullaby for violin & piano
Nocturne for piano and narration
Serenade for flute quartet
Ben-Tov Guy
Va’Yissa Meshalo Va’Yomar (for voice, recorders, violin, cello, double-bass, guitar and percussion)
Ben-Kennaz Hilat
”Night Birds” for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Ben-Shabetai Ari
Tedarim for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Do You Like Brahms? for piano trio
Two Romantic Poems for voice & piano
Baniel Dikla
Quartet No. 2 “Birds” (strings)
If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem for piano trio
Braun Yehezkel
Sonata for piano four hands
Where Does the Darkness Come From for soprano, clarinet and piano
5 Songs from the Cycle ‘The Love of Theresa Dimon'
Sonata for flute
Day and Day (1998) for voice, cello and piano
Bardanashvili Josef
”Romantic” Trio for violin, cello and piano
Quartet No. 1 (strings)
Sonata for violin & piano
Chorale (vocal ensemble)
Half Full Glass for violins and piano
Perpetuum Mobile for piano duo
From Songs of Wine and Love for soprano, mezzo-soprano and piano
Brener Uri
Little Wind Quintet
Barash Omer
Le Quatri me Degr for violin, piano and voice
Schizoprism for cello and piano