Founded in 2008. Musical Director: Tibi Cziger

As Israeli musicians who studied chamber music from an early age, we see a need to preserve our musical, cultural, and Israeli identity through it. In Israel, the emphasis is on promoting musical performances and enriching activities (in the form of masterclasses and classes) in peripheral areas, Arab communities, and places where regular musical activities do not necessarily take place, along with concerts for the general public in major cities and major concert series. The other arm of the ensemble operates in the United States, emphasizing the identity of the project as Israeli, both on the front of the repertoire and the musicians. The Israeli Chamber Project is proud to be the winner of the Minister of Culture Award for 2011 and the Ödön Pártos Award 2017.

The combination of Israeli composers and the commissioning of new works are an essential part of the ensemble's identity, and in the ten years of its existence, more than twelve new works have been commissioned. The founding musicians of the Israeli Chamber Project are Itamar Zorman, Daniel Bard, Guy Ben-Ziony, Assaff Weisman, Sivan Magen, Tibi Cziger, Michal Korman and Yael Karet, and today the regular musicians are also Guy Eshed, Carmit Zori and David McCarroll. Apart from them, the project provides a platform for many other Israeli musicians. The project also hosts top musicians from the music world, including: violinist Michael Tree and cellist Peter Wiley of the Guarneri Quartet, violinist Samuel Rhodes of the Juilliard Quartet, flutist Joshua Smith, the violinist Sea of Galilee Antia Whitehass and others.

The ensemble's wide and varied body of musicians allows it to create challenging and unique programs from the best chamber repertoire in a wide variety of orchestrations (from duos to septettes) and which include, if necessary, explained introductions to bridge between the music and the listener. The ensemble's activities have been reviewed in major publications in Israel and abroad, and its performances regularly receive critical acclaim from music reporters and major critics in the press, on radio and on the Internet.