Director – Rachel Ringelstein

Rachel Ringelstein – violin; Yonah Zur – violin; Yoel Greenberg – viola; Tami Waterman – cello

The Carmel Quartet has been an active part of the music life in Israel since its inception in 2000.

In addition to the quartet's many performances in Israel and around the world, the Carmel Quartet has contributed significantly to the world of music in Israel with its guided concerts series "Over the Rainbow". The series is different and unique. It appeals to an audience looking for greater accessibility to the music played and the deepening of the listening experience. The "Over the Rainbow" series combines a serious approach to the content of the lecture with a light and pleasant presentation, aided by multimedia, plays and readings by the quartet members, and building connections between music and other cultural fields. The explanations put the old masterpieces in an oldish-newish light and illuminate a side of them that may have shone brightly for the composer's contemporaries and subsequent generations, but has darkened over the years.