Rana is a unique Arab-Jewish women's choir operating in Jaffa with 15 Jewish, Muslim and Christian women.
The Rana Choir aims to give expression to the female voice, and it operates out of a belief in the power of art and poetry to foster dialogue and create a cultural and human bridge in a pluralistic society such as the Israeli society.
In their singing, the women of the choir express the sense of partnership of destiny, the hope for life and peace and the range of emotions we all share as human beings in general, and as mothers in particular.
In the choir's repertoire, which includes Arabic songs, Hebrew songs, women's songs and folk songs from all cultures of the region, special emphasis is placed on connections and similar textual and musical motifs in Arabic and Hebrew songs. The choir sings in a variety of languages including Hebrew, Palestinian Arabic, Yemeni, Moroccan, Persian, Turkish and others.

The professional staff of the choir includes:
Mika Danny – Musical Director and Conductor; Idan Toledano – Artistic Director; Anat Handelsman – Administrative Director and Producer