Udiana Choir   The Udiana Choir was formed by conductor Anat Aharoni in 2004 at Kibbutz Harduf, and includes 22 singers from the Jezreel Valley and the north. The Choir is a meeting place for musicians and singers who want to create a unique musical quality together through joint listening. The deep commitment to this creative partnership is also a basis for the personal musical development of each member of the choir. The choir sings in a-cappella, focuses mainly on 20th and 21st-century music and sings songs from different periods and of varied styles. In its performances, the choir also combines elements of improvisation, movement, speech and rhythm. In order to be a part of the emerging Israeli music and support of Israeli composers - we make sure to commission a work from an Israeli composer for every program. The choir has performed on the best stages in Israel and abroad, and is highly regarded by its listeners. We believe in the healing power of music, and make sure to hold two volunteer performances a year for people with special needs or underprivileged communities. In 2016, we created the show "Quiet" in cooperation with the Israeli Brass Quintet. In 2017 we put on a concert called “My Soul Returned to the Fire,” a program in which we explored the qualities of fire in our lives. In 2018, we collaborated with the Jerusalem Academy Choir and the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, and celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of Leonard Bernstein. At the concert, we performed Leonard Bernstein's Chichester Psalms and Bach's Magnificat. In 2018, we performed in a program dedicated to female composers and female characters in mythology and music, with which we performed at the Vox Feminae Festival and more. In 2019 we worked with Israeli music, performed at the Israeli Music Festival. For this program, 5 new works were written specially for the choir by Eyal Bat, Tavor Gochman, Anat Aharoni and others. For 2020 we prepared two plans:
  1. "Like you" - a program that deals with accepting the other and the inclusiveness of the different and the weak. For this program we invited a guest conductor - Yuval Weinberg, and collaborated with a quintet of selected musicians: Elina Gurevich - first violin, Lia Raichlin - second violin, Zvi Carmeli - viola, Chagit Glaser - cello, Yossi Avraham - double bass. In the program: Misericordias Domini K.222 by Mozart | Ishmael, Ishmael by Haim Permont | To the Hands by Caroline Shaw (premiere in Israel) | other a-cappella works.
  2. "Lifnot Erev" - a night dedicated to the songs of Sasha Argov. As part of the choir's continued support of the Israeli work, we chose to commission new and original arrangements for the event - new arrangements that werewritten specifically for the show by Israeli composers living in Israel today. Some of the arrangements are for a cappella choir and some include piano and double bass (in all possible variations). The musicians are Tal Feder on double bass and Tavor Gochman on piano. Arrangements by: Aharon Harlap, Ari Ben-Shabetai, Eyal Bat, Haim Permont, Tavor Gochman, Hagar Kadima, Chani Smith, Neomi Attar, Sara Shoham, Moshe Zorman, Michael Wolpe and Anat Aharoni.
We worked on these two programs with great vigor, until the coronavirus pandemic stopped us, so we had not yet performed in any of them in front of an audience. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, with its many limitations, we have found original ways to continue the work and deepen it in various ways. We are grateful for the music, for the fascinating path that opened up for us thanks to it, and for the loyal audience that accompanies us over the years and participates in our journey. Anat Aharoni – conductor and artistic director She completed a master's degree in conducting choirs at the Rubin Academy in Jerusalem, and a bachelor's degree in conducting choirs and orchestras, as well as in musicology and mathematics at the Hebrew University. She’s an experienced conductor, composer and arranger.