Dotan Yogev – artistic director A fifteen-member musical orchestra that first met in 2004 with the goal of performing at street parties. Since then the orchestra has found itself in many performances not only on the street but also in clubs, halls and festivals all over the country and also in many places abroad (China, Serbia, Montreal, Croatia and Hungary). To date, the orchestra has recorded three CDs. The music is brought from folk music, jazz and punk and is matched to an orchestra that has trumpets, trombones, saxophones, tuba and drums. The arrangements are created by the members of the orchestra. Productions and projects: Taninim Al Harosh - a new musical storytelling project that combines folk and original children's stories, narrated by the voice of Yoav Yefet, and with the rich and unique sound of the Marsh Dondurma Orchestra. At the heart of the project are three children's stories for which original music was written by three composers in the orchestra. Original songs are also incorporated into the project. Old-fashioned street performances | New original production | Special for the coronavirus period After fifteen years of intensive work, Marsh Dondurma returns to its origins—a traveling street orchestra that will produce an open-air performance, in a way that can prevent crowds, wander from place to place as needed, and still deliver to the audience a special experience and excitement. The new program will combine old New Orleans music with Israeli Mizrahi classics, in a show that will put a smile on your face, even behind the mask.