Piris Eliyahu is a prominent and unique artist in the field of art music, his works have been performed by the best performers in the Israeli and international scene. The music of his works always provides a powerful and special experience and appeals to a wide and diverse audience.

In the ensemble's performances, Piris dissolves boundaries between different musical cultures and searches for harmony and aesthetics in a new musical space, free from definitions. The music combines musical influences from a variety of traditions around the world. The whole show is wonderful instrumental music that on the one hand is heavenly but on the other hand very connected to nature and the earth.

"Fakir" A new project of the ensemble—focuses on an original contemporary work that connects two worlds: The world of Western classical music and the world of non-European music. This connection is expressed not only through a unique musical language and the special tonality of the compositions, but also in the choice of musical instruments on which the project is mainly based—the tar from the east and the piano from the west. After years of searching, Piris Eliyahu found harmonies that blend in with the overtones of the Eastern scales and thus allow these scales to be fully expressed.

Piris Eliyahu - tar, composition and musical direction; Mark Eliyahu - kamancheh and composition; Larisa Eliyahu - piano and production