The Opera Camera Group was founded in 2008 by Danny Ehrlich and Dina Zohar, and is currently managed by Danny Ehrlich (director) and Merav Barak (producer).

In its years of operation, Opera Camera has run twenty opera and vocal music productions in a fully staged performance, Nine of which were works by contemporary Israeli composers and opera works in contemporary electronic arrangements.

In the past year, with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, we have finished rehearsing for the production of the opera "Alcina" by Handel, which was intended to be performed publicly four times. Unfortunately, the production in its full format has been canceled. We’ve made an opera film based on staged scenes from the production. The film is available for the general public via various internet platforms.

We also set up a comprehensive website this year that presents Opera Camera’s entire body of work throughout its years of existence. This website features a spectacular documentation of our opera productions, half of which were world premieres. The website serves as a platform for dozens of Israeli artists: composers, singers, conductors, etc. whose work is documented and displayed exclusively on the site. The site is currently in its final design stages and will soon go live.

Over the years, Opera Camera has received support from the following entities:

Culture Administration – Ministry of Culture and Sports; Mifal HaPayis (winning a tender to produce an original fringe opera); the Tel Aviv Municipality; The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts.

Collaborations with musical entities:

Haifa Symphony Orchestra, Israel Contemporary Players, Barrocade Ensemble, Israel Music Fest, Moran Singers Ensemble, the Madrigal Singers, Bat Shir Choir, Israel Sinfonietta Beer Sheva, Chamber Orchestra Ramat Gan, Felicja Blumental International Music Festival, Musica Nova, Contempo Festival.

During its years of existence, Opera Camera has employed dozens of Israeli singers, conductors, actors, designers and technicians, and encouraged Israeli creation with the goal and outlook of expanding the local work.