Avidom Menachem
Trio for oboe, cello and piano
Avni Tzvi
Behind the Curtain for piano quartet
”HaLaila Noshem Ktifa” – two nocturnes and intermezzo
Songs by Yehuda Shavit
Hinach Yafa
Ajiashvili Hana
Elusive Shadows for cello and piano
The Good Invention
Adler Ayal
Misterioso for solo piano
Asherov Ayala
Inside and Outside
Alberstein Chava
Aldema Gil
Tzur Mishelo Achalnu
Alexander Haim
Five Duets
Argov Sasha
Three songs: I Didn’t Know What | Lonely Street light | Lullaby
Akiva Daniel
The Dying Rose
Three pieces from Sephardic Anthology for flute solo