La Falfula Groove Iraqi is a group of six musicians, led by David Zaarur - the great-grandson of the well-known Iraqi Qanun player and composer, Yusef Zaarur. Their original arrangements, which also integrate singing and dancing, create a new/old cultural experience, which expresses the longing for the days when the Jewish musicians were the cultural elite in Iraq, and the pioneers of the maqam musical genre. Iraqi maqam music is the least known side of Iraqi music in Israel - and La Falfula makes it accessible to the Israeli audience, in a colorful and spicy show that also maintains an authentic sound, coming directly from the maqam tradition. Members of the Band: Qanun, singing and Music Director – David Regev Zaarur Dancing and Artistic Director - Yohani Perez Oud, Singing – Gavriel Zikhron Violin, Singing – Itzhak Zagzag Percussion, Singing - Alan Alaev Darbuka, Singing - Ben Machloof